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High Performance Bird Control

Boecker® saw the great need our cities have to protect public and private property from the risks of birds like pigeons, sparrows and starlings that infest public areas, houses, hospitals, schools, food manufacturing, processing and service establishments, and many other. For that purpose, it developed its Bird Control Integrated Pest Management Protocol.

Boecker® Urban Birds management program contains five integrated broad components that consists of undergoing:

  1. Bird management surveys
  2. Evaluation of sanitation standards conducive to attract birds
  3. Exclusion/habitat alteration
  4. Repellents and exclusionary devices
  5. Follow up

Boecker® believes that solving a bird problem requires careful planning and integration of several approaches. Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program for birds can do much more than eliminating existing birds’ infestation; it can avoid new birds’ infestations and help in reducing the number of other insects, associated with birds.

Boecker® provides various types of repellents and exclusionary devices that can effectively discourage birds from using an area or cause them to vacate buildings and tree roost/ nesting sites. Since not all devices work on all birds’ pest species, Boecker® professional team will match one or more of the right devices, mentioned below, to guarantee your extreme satisfaction:

  • Gel bird repellent that may be applied to ledges, sills, roofs, peaks, cornices, bridges, or any other difficult to reach area, and overpasses to deter birds from landing. Our gel bird repellent is oil- based thus non-toxic and harmful to birds.
  • Heavy duty polypropylene bird net made from the U.V. stabilized mesh and available in different sizes, colours, and cut size can be made as requested.
  • Effective, humane, maintenance-free permanent stainless steel spikes that deter pest birds from landing and roosting on your home, building, or other structure and encourage them to fly to a different spot. Boecker® provides a wide range of these spikes available in different dimensions and shapes and efficient in deterring small, medium and large birds.