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Boecker® own invention FICP™ proved great results since 1999.

FICP™ has become the trademark of Boecker® success when it was able for the first time ever to develop an integrated system to control the most difficult pest problem that causes nuisance, carries diseases and contaminates food.

Flying Insects like flies, mosquitoes, fruit flies, dung flies, wasps, etc. FICP™ works around the breeding habits of flying insects and their biology.

  • Identify and eliminate breeding sites
  • Control Adult population
  • Focus on sterility of male flies and mosquitoes
  • Monitor and trace

FICP™ is the Premier Choice in beach resorts, golf courses, open areas and houses with gardens. Don’t hesitate to call us today and solve the flying insects’ problem you have been suffering from for years.
FICP™ Program works best with PestWest® full line of Electric Fly Killer Machines that are HACCP and ISO22000 Compliant.