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Complete Eradication of Pests

Fumigation is the application of an insecticide gas to a specific volume. As gas expands into that volume, it penetrates all cracks, crevices and pores, as well as a full integration between grains and seeds in the case of stored food.
The chosen Gas will comprehensively control all types of pests present in the treated batches without affecting any of their physical, chemical or food qualities.

The gas will control all stages of insects including the eggs stages. It will also control most microbial infections such as mould and fungus.

Boecker® Fumigation Services cover all types of facilities such as:

  • Buildings
  • Hangars
  • Containers
  • Silos
  • Ships
  • Aircraft
  • Rail cars, tarps
  • Grain elevators
  • Commercial facilities
  • Furniture, antiquities, books and manuscripts*
* A special department is dedicated to look into the specific aspects of precious items fumigation – call for details

Boecker® advanced fumigation advantages:

  • Kills insects that are not reached by conventional insecticides
  • Used when residual pesticides cannot be used on food products
  • Economical compared to repetitive spraying methods
  • Applied for premises classified for “Zero Pest Tolerance”
  • Guarantees the eradication of all forms of life in the fumigated area


  • Boecker® uses high quality fumigants to insure effective results every time
  • Boecker® technicians are highly trained to handle delicate fumigation jobs
  • CIEH Assured IPM method
  • Boecker® will handle the aperture of the fumigated area and will deliver the area safe for use by the operator