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Control Pests Before You Export

Boecker® is among the first companies in the region to implement Heat Treatment applications for general pest control as well as in compliance with the ISMP-15 standard for wood packaging material of exported goods.

ISPM-15 (International Standard on Phytosanitary Measures) is a result of the IPPC (International Phytosanitary Protection Convention) which is an international standard for the protection of wood packaging material.

Boecker® provides ISPM-15 Services using Heat Treatment method.

As a Shipper or Manufacturer preparing goods for export, you should:

  1. Contact Boecker® before putting goods on pallets
  2. Pallets destined for this specific shipment will be Heat Treated
  3. Stamps will be printed on each pallet from all sides
  4. Goods are loaded on pallets
  5. Loading into container(s)
  6. Shipping against bill of lading
  7. Send Bill of lading to Boecker®
  8. Boecker® issues Heat Treatment certificate related to the treated shipment

Boecker® also provides Heat Treatment Services against:

  • Bed Bugs
  • Selection of stored products