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SMART® Termites Control System

A revolutionary approach to all termites control.

Boecker® SMART® termite control system is a result of years of research and successful results done by Mr. Tan Hong Liong, one of the biggest names in the world of entomology and pest control today. This system was adapted by Boecker® to meet the Middle East requirements in order to provide you with the best long term results.

  • Based on the understanding of Termites Biology and Behaviour
  • Environmentally Sound: a less chemicals, more results approach
  • 60% Less Chemicals applied to the soil, less pollution, less risk
  • Fast Effective with Guaranteed Results
  • Proven to Limit the spread of termites to new colonies


Many countries, especially in the Gulf and Middle East region, require by law or by contractual obligation to undertake a pre-construction termite prevention application before and during the early stages of construction site erection.

  • Site Survey
  • Evaluation of stages of pre-construction work
  • Non-Invasive applications, safe, highly effective
  • Long Term Warranty with 5, 10, 15 and up to 25 years warranty


Termites cost damages in millions of dollars every year attacking building foundations, wooden structures, door frames, furniture and wood material, causing damage that can extend to a full house demolition. SMART® System for Termites Control is a result of years of research and successful results done by Mr. Tan Hong Liong one of the world’s most renowned entomologists.

  • Targeted SMART® treatments
  • SMART® system will prevent termites of forming new colonies
  • Termite infestation will not spread
  • 100% control of Termites
  • Low chemicals, no mess, no hassle, results Guaranteed