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Boecker® Holds Annual Food Safety Conference to Reinforce Ongoing Development

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Regional - 06/10/2017

Food safety professionals across all Boecker® branches convened from October 4 – 6 for the annual in-house Regional Food Safety Conference. The three-day event aims to review the year’s performance and achievements in the food safety business line, and to empower consultants with new insights, and further training and certification.

The event began with an overview of the standards applied by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), one of the most important worldwide references in food safety. Boecker® CEO, Mr. Michel Bayoud, also addressed the team and reiterated the business line’s vision and strategies, ending his presentation by declaring 2018 the year for food safety.

Boecker® consultants then participated in reflective workshops and devised an action plan to address everything from food safety tools and trainings, to consultancy services and the Q-Platinum Award™ (QPA™) – which is the international food safety system offered by Boecker® to small and medium food establishments. The efforts from these workshops will culminate in face lifting the Food Safety line to even higher standards.

Building on the Food Safety department’s extensive experience, the last two days of the conference were dedicated to training on the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Standard for Food Safety to align all consultants’ expertise, attain certification, and integrate this standard into the Boecker® consultancy services.

Finally, and in the spirit of healthy competition, Boecker® branches always strive to attain the highest achievements. This year, Boecker® was happy to announce Qatar branch as the winner, while all branches continue to make great strides forward.