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Break the Germ Cycle with Microbecs™

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Regional - 17/07/2017

Nowadays, germs are on the top of the international worry list. People are seeking to buy antibacterial products and disinfectants, air purifiers, and even face masks to be used as shields isolating them from the surrounding environmental hazards. Living involves sharing space and objects with other people and with the invisible flora of the earth. Catering to the growing market needs and to all germ-averts, Boecker® has produced its own proprietary disinfectant. Microbecs™ is a professional disinfectant with a new patented technology that works against all types of microorganisms including Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae.

Microbecs™ unique properties make it the perfect solution to your germ free quest. It Kills all germs in less than 30sec, is 100% safe to be used around people as its molecule is EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) registered, qualifies under the FDA (Food & Drugs administration) and is USDA recommended. It is also, non-irritant and non-carcinogenic (as per NTP, IARC, and OSHA), odourless and colourless; and more importantly, it cures a long lasting residual effect.

The Microbecs™ formula has been designed and calibrated to answer all sectors needs with ranges from ready-to-use formula applicable to all home purposes, to a heavily concentrated formula catering specifically to the healthcare industry.