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Where Cleaning is no Longer Enough

Hotels just like metro stations can host a multitude of germs checked in by clients from around the globe, which makes general sanitation and disinfection essential to avoid the spread of infections between room occupants or tenants.

“Nothing spreads faster than bad news: Infection outbreaks, food poisoning, Norovirus, Legionella and many more!“

If you are a business owner Boecker® helps you safeguard your reputation through its ICP™ service that will target hard-to-reach areas and surfaces which harbour germs and become a hidden contamination sources

  • High speed disinfecting in less than 30 minutes making any room ready to use within minutes
  • A well-integrated programme into your housekeeping protocol
  • Leaves your premises free of infectious germs
  • Assures a long lasting protection against different disease-causing agents