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Healthier Indoor Environment with our Vortex™ Service!

May 2018 – The Vortex™ is a unique service that aims to provide a healthier indoor environment and an improved air flow efficiency. A HEPA filtered vacuum collector is used to clean air ducts by removing accumulated dirt, debris, allergens and other contaminants from the HVAC system. A hose is extended from the body of the vacuum cleaner and inserted into the duct work. The rotation of its brush is controlled by a remote to ensure proper suction. Boecker® is glad to introduce this service now to all residential and corporate premises.

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Great Success at the Pregnancy & Kids Fair

November 2018 – Boecker® exhibited for the 1st time at the Pregnancy and Kids Fair.
The exhibition covered conferences and seminars which thousands of pregnant women and mothers attended, while kids were enjoying live shows and activities.
Furthermore, visitors who stopped by Boecker® were impressed by the residential services we offer, especially the Infection Control Plan™ treatment which became a must to protect infants & toddlers against harmful germs especially during the flu season.
And as a thoughtful gift, Boecker® proffered all its visitors a magnetic photo frame.

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Boecker® & Dr. B at the Festive Family Fair

November 2018 – Boecker® UAE took part of the annual Expat Woman Festive Family Fair at the Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club.
Boecker® dearest guest, Dr. B, came for a visit to spread fun and positive vibes around him. Kids were entertained by several activities such as face painting, coloring, and many more.
Moreover, our team showcased and introduced the newly designed service by Boecker®, Vortex™, which combines AC duct cleaning and disinfecting treatment dedicated to improve indoor air quality.

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Fun & Knowledge at the Beirut Cooking Festival

November 2018 – Once again, Boecker® joined the 8th Beirut Cooking Festival 2018 that took place at the Beirut Seaside arena.
Boecker® food safety knowledge game was a great success for visitors, especially housewives who challenged each other to play and won valuable prizes. As for other visitors, they benefited from special discounts exclusive for the event.
Boecker® also hosted a special guest, Dr. B, who joined the team and attended an interactive greeting and cooking session at the junior area with blogger @maman_chocolat where fun and knowledge were mixed in a pot!

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Boecker® Qatar Offers HACCP Training for QCP Chefs

October 2018 – Boecker® conducted a free HACCP training for QCP Chef Members at the Diplomatic Club, as part of its partnership with Qatar Culinary Professionals.
The training was held in order to raise awareness and improve food safety skills among the F&B Industry.
Moreover, the workshop aimed to introduce the latest services and products that Boecker® is providing to help food handlers in serving a better food quality.
At the end of the training, Boecker® distributed attendance certificates for all participants.