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Demand for OHS Professionals is Growing Globally

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Regional - 17/08/2018

A global increase in occupational health and safety laws and regulations has resulted in an increased demand for professionals in the field.

Maintaining health and safety in the workplace is a legal requirement for all businesses to ensure employees’ safety and wellbeing.

Despite the legal requirements, employers are also increasingly hiring safety officers in an effort to avoid the financial losses of injuries, as well as the damage to its reputation because of accidents or negligence.

But this is not it. Following a clear management system is crucial for the success of the department’s objectives. An OHS management system is more than just a programme. It includes policies, systems, standards, records, and involves incorporating health and safety practices into business processes. Having an effective management system improves the ability to continuously identify hazards and control risks.

Boecker® has designed its own Health and Safety management system, The Occupational Health and Safety Lite™ (OHS Lite™) certification programme, to assist small and medium enterprises in achieving a consistent standard of occupational health and safety in their premises as well as protect employees and workers from any harm and danger at work.

Contact your local Boecker® branch for more information.