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Rotary’s Presidential Peacebuilding Conference

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Lebanon - 08/03/2018

Following the success of Rotary’s project “Securing Clean Water in Lebanese Public Schools,” Rotary’s worldwide President-elect Ian Riseley selected Lebanon to host the “Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Presidential Peace-building Conference” under the patronage and presence of his Excellency President General Michel Aoun.

The conference was a platform for the exchange of ideas and expertise on the importance of water and its implications on civil and world peace. It also focused on the issue of water in Lebanon and the region and addressed the impact of water-related problems on the economy in this area of the world.

Boecker® CEO, Mr. Michel Bayoud, was amongst the main speakers during the panel discussion for “Displacement & Impact of Water Quality on Health, Food Safety & Economic Growth” and received an award in recognition for his contribution. Mr. Bayoud highlighted the importance of measuring and controlling the water’s quality and how this should be done in order to guarantee an adequate supply.

Boecker® also sponsored an initiative at a workshop for Schools that was welcomed by around 40 schools owners who signed a twinning pledge to ensure the sustainability of the water filtration systems project.