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Is your home or business overrun with pests?

Is your pest problem interfering with your customer experience, employee productivity, and your sanity? You may have a more significant problem than you think. Luckily, the pest management experts at Boecker® are here to help.


Fumigation is the application of an insecticide gas to a specific volume. As the gas expands into that volume, it penetrates all cracks, crevices and pores. Additionally, fumigation gas will safely integrate between grains and seeds (in the case of stored food).

Depending on your specific needs, the chosen gas will comprehensively control all types of pests present in the treated areas without impacting compromising the environment for humans or food qualities.

Additionally, fumigation gas, controls insects in every stage of their life cycle, to include the egg and larval stages. Fumigation is also useful in treating most microbial infections, such as mould and fungus.

Boecker® Fumigation Services cover all types of facilities and needs, to include:

  • Commercial, residential, and industrial buildings
  • Aircraft and hangars
  • Containers
  • Silos
  • Ships
  • Rail cars
  • Grain elevators
  • Commercial facilities
  • Furniture, antiquities, books and manuscripts*
* We’ve dedicated a special department to the safe treatment of your delicate items. Please contact a member of our team for specific details.


  • Proven to reach and kill insects that are not touched by other conventional insecticides.
  • Safe for use when residual pesticides cannot be used (i.e. on food or beverage products).
  • Very cost effective and economical when compared to repetitive spraying methods.
  • Applied for premises classified for “Zero Pest Tolerance”.
  • Guaranteed to eliminate of all unwanted forms of life in the fumigated area, to include insects, birds, and rodents.


At Boecker®, we’ve got you protected from start to finish. Our team of pest management professionals uses the highest quality fumigants to ensure both safe and effective results – every time. Our team of technicians are highly trained in both CIEH Assured and IPM™ methods to handle the most delicate fumigation jobs. Additionally, we’ll handle the aperture of the fumigated area and will deliver the area safe for use to the property owner/operator.

We have built our sound reputation by partnering with only the most qualified industry professionals. We leverage innovation solutions with high-tech equipment and tools to provide the highest quality of safe chemicals and control systems for results you can count on. This, coupled with our exceptional customer service and back office team is guaranteed to resolve your pest management problems – now and into the future.

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